Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-09-19 00:54:51 (UTC)

Tuesday, September 18th Part 2

Here is the e-mail I just got from the OW (idiot)
everything is exactly how she typed it. She is so freaked
out that her aunt is not able to pump me for information
anymore and we haven't been talking for only a week. I
didn't think I'd be posting again this soon, I had her e-
mail blocked, but somehow she got through. H said to just
let it go, print it out, don't answer and give it to the
"I know that we can't be all buddy buddy,but if mike wants
to be a part of her life, I would like us to be mature
about it. Now I know that I made a mistake but I would like
to say I learned from it. I have know idea what mike wants
to do. I just know what i've heard vicky say and i don't
know whats true or not. So i just want to know if he wants
to see her. If not thats ok, I would like it if she got to
know her Dad but only if he wants to! If we can all
understand that it was a mistake and i'm sure mike feels
the same way, and we can move on from that. If you could
please email me tonight."

I love how she wants us to tell her tonight, oh like the 17
months she told him that it was not his child she was okay?
This little twit has me seeing RED, be mature? She would
not know mature if it hit her in the face. She acts like
she is trying to be all nice, I could see if we got the
baby for a weekend, she would then turn us in on child
abuse charges!! I don't need this or want this right now!!
She got her GED, and can't even spell---my 10 year old
knows how to use proper puncuation and spelling better than
she does.