2001-09-19 00:47:53 (UTC)


I dreamt that I ate crocodile meat at a chinese restaurant.
Tasting the first bite was like tasting a creme pie made
especially by Saint Peter. It was good. But then, out of
the mists comes a stout old asian man, w/ cane in hand. He
rushes towards my waitress and starts wailing on her and the
whole time he yells in chinese; "DON'T FEED THE FOREIGNERS,
YOU BITCH!!! My waitress cowers at his ev'ry blow, and Im
left to sit there paralyzed by fear...fear of him turning
on me. In a funny twist of events, the waitress manages to
grab the cane out of the pissed off asian guy's hand and
returns his beatings. She strikes him in the jaw, the
mouth, and in the nose. Of course, there is blood ev'ry
where and it splatters all over myself and my platter of
food. With the last blow, he slumps to the ground dead. How
did I know if he was dead? My dream told me he was. The
next thing that happens ( and this is why I consider this
a "nightmare") the waitress, w/ a creepy-ass grin, bends
over and calmly touches the fucked up face of the old
man. She wipes up blood into her palm and licks it...right
in front of me...she licks her hand clean and stares at me
dead on in the eyes. Though the restaurant is dark, I see
plain as day that she has sharp teeth. Ev'ry last one is
like a dagger point. I woke up because mom had to fix
her bed...