Linux Diary
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2003-02-01 13:04:45 (UTC)

A Brief history + my spec


Im a Linux user since sept 2002.

Ive tried a few distros in the following order, (firstly on
an old 475 MHZ AMD K6 with 512mb ram, then on my AthlonXP
1600, 256MB DDR) :

Mandrake (8.2)

Didn't really get on with it,perhaps due to installing it on
a 475mhz AMD, it seemed a bit bloaty and slow .. i wasnt
impressed. (This was before i learnt i could disbale service
on startup.)

Peanut (?.?)

Much better, even on my 475mhz. Complete text based install,
but with some research i found my way thru. Nice desktop,
reasonably quick and had many nice tools for a single disc
iso. I would return to this distro off and on between trying
others. Nearly became my distro of choice, if it wasnt for
the fact i couldnt compile anything. (I now suspect a gcc
compiler that needed updating)

Slackware (8.1)

Looked nice, seemed quick on loadup. Had one succesful
install , then promptly forgot how i did it and had nothing
but trouble from then on with graphics setup. Decided to
leave well enough alone until im a little better equipped to
cope with a distro that doesnt 'hold the hand of the user'.
Definately gonna try this one again in the future :D

Redhat (8.0)

Very impressed with the install, slick and professional.
Rivals windows graphic install in my opinion. Desktop was
nice, but i wasnt blown away by the new 'Bluecurve' design
id been hearing about. Lack of Mp3 support and a unified
look to the desktop put me off a little. Good for new users
who want to be completely GPL, but i like it a bit more
bleeding edge!

Mandrake (9.0)

Gadzooks! After my troubled history with Mandrake 8.2 i
wasn't sold on the this distro. But am i glad i tried 9.0

This is a great distro, nice clean install (8.2 was the
same, to its credit) a nice choice of windows managers ,
(ive settled on KDE). Great selection of software. This is
the one for me!!!

My Linux Box Spec:

Mandrake 9.0 running on:

AMD AthlonXP 1600
256 MB DDR Ram
Liteon 40x12x48 CDR
Samsung 12x DVD
~ATi Radeon 7500 All in Wonder
20GB Maxtor 5400
30GB Maxtor 7200
Conexant 56k Internal Modem
Diamond Supraexpress 56e Pro External Serial Modem
*Epson styus color 300 Printer
*Primax Colorado USB 9600 Scanner

~ = Supported for typical display use. Some opensource
development for TV support etc, but i havent tried it yet.

= Can get the modem working thru a combination of scripts,
but no luck getting it to work via Kppp (dial-up utility).
Always fails 'logging onto network' with pppd failed to
start. Still working on this..

* = Not supported. Cant get the epson printer working beyond
crappy black & white output. Epson are apparently very good
in helping linux developers support their products and their
newer models are supposed to be 100% compatable. A printer
upgrade is in the works.

My scanner has no 'sane' , (scanner utility in Linux),
backend , but there is some development underway on my model
i think. Im not a huge scanner user, so i can wait.

So there it is , from past to present.

My current screenshot: