Simple Lies & Confusion
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2003-02-01 12:31:04 (UTC)

-)Take My Hand, I'll Be Here Till The End(-

Well I just finished reading a diary (Megan's of course).
I started crying b/c I want to help her so much and I know
that I can't b/c there is nothing that I can say or do the
change NE thing. I miss her so much and how everything was
when we were always together. But times changed and I know
that. I have had enough friends that I have done that
with! But no matter how far away I will ever live from her
or how much I don't ever see her, she will always be my
bestest friend. The one that I could never live w/o. Even
though I never get to see her, just knowing that we are
still friends makes part of me perfectly content inside.
(Megan you know I love you and only wish you the best
life, one of these days everything will be how we want it
to be and our sorrows will be over but till then the tears
are always going to stream down our cheeks and lonely
nights we will weep! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH)
I haven't really talked to Trever lately. I wrote him an e-
mail and gave him this poem that I wrote. I never got a
reply so I bet I scared him. That would be hilarious if I
did that actually! Not seeing him makes it less hard on me
that he doesn't want me but also makes it really hard b/c
I wanna hang out w/ him and be friends. It won’t work
though and that bothers the hell outta me! I have been
listening to the SAME song over and over for like the
whole time I have been online. It actually makes me want
to cry. D/L it and tell me what you that, you 2 Megan, I
don't want to make you cry but it makes me think a lot and
wish I could forget everything...
Its call "Hover" by: TRUSTcompany
If you don't want to D/L it that is fine. But I love this
song right now and it really soothing for a hard rock sort
of band. NE WHO! I don't really know what I wanna talk
about. Actually I do know but its all shit that everyone
already knows... like about Jeff and then Trever. Same ol'
shit that I always talk about and I’m sure people get
tired of hearing about it but that is all that I think
about NE more. I just don't have NE thing else worth
thinking about... cept now that I know this about Megan,
that is going to make me think about her a lot and hope
that she can get through it and come out at least a lil
better b/c I can't stand seeing her hurt! Well I better
go! LUVS!

Rie Jo