A New Hope
2003-02-01 11:57:38 (UTC)

I feel ill

eheh... so it turns out I DO have the flu. Ugh.
I will fight it though. My internal bio protecty thingy is
better than a flu virus.

Really is amazing what a good night's sleep can do for ya

hmm... do I love Hannah?.. Really?.. Think about it, Grez...
..., I don't think I do. Or did.

I mean.. I do!.. - but as a friend.
Maybe I just needed to stir up some tension or something..
but.. I made a mess of a good friendship, right then and
there. Hopefully we can forget it happened, and carry on as

God. My whole... aspect on the world, and life, just..
changed. I woke up with a completely different view of
life. I have to remember, that the whole world doesn't
revolve around myself though. I mean.. everything I do,
does. But.. Other people's worlds revolve around
themselves. Not mine.

Cinema today. Yay.. I feel so up for it! -_-
Flu really takes it outta ya.
Nevermind. I'm gonna have high spirits today.
I'm going to force themn out of me.
And I'm not going to be afraid of meeting Cat, whoever the
hell that is.

She is ginger though ;