2001-09-19 00:21:17 (UTC)

Friends. Sleep. Things I love.

So I woke up today, extremely tired, it was horrible. I
felt like a slug or something, I wanted to sleep so badly.
Went to school, took a MA test, which wasn't as bad as I
thought it would be, so thats good. Spanish was actually
rather fun, I find Mr. Imbilli to be m favorite spanish
teacher out of the three I've had. But anyhow, I came back
home and st in front of the TV and bega to rot. It was
nice and brain numbing. But whatever, thats irrelevant.
I've been thinking about how dependent on my friends I am.
It's crazy, I pretty much use them to cheer me up or to
help me forget about some other issue I'm having. Like if
my dad is going cray on me like he normally does, I'll be
super pissed, but then I'll hang with my friends, and I'll
just forget about it, and have a good time. I sometimes
feel like I'm totally craving friends, and all I want to do
is hang out and have fun, not worry about anything. My
life revolves around friends, its insane. I'm so over
school and all responsibilities, I just wanna get away and
relax. Thats what the sunset/beach setting is all about.
Just takin' it chill. Let everything get drift away for a
little bit..."When you're on a golden sea, you don't need
no memory. Just a place to call your own, as we drift into
the zone...On an island in the sun, we'll be playin' and
havin' fun, and it makes me feel so fine I can't control my
brain." Yeah, thats the good life. I'm so glad and
appreciative that I live so close to the beach. :0) I've
been feeling better today, I think that iffy "narcissistic"
(I decided to change the definition to what I think it
should mean) feeling I've been having is going away. I
don't know why, feelings are so weird sometimes...

Why do they have orange-flavored Tic-Tacs? They don't
freshen your breath...they're candy...odd