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2001-09-19 00:11:26 (UTC)

P.E. is hell for me

Well last night at work was a little bit odd. I didn't
have as much to do since so many people were working, but
some people who come to the library just scare me. I was
shelving some stuff and this creepy looking old guy with
really bad teeth comes up and goes "Excuse me, the good
news is, they're having a lovely lady of the library
contest. The bad news is, you can't enter because it
wouldn't be fair." It was so frightening. I just sort of
laughed and muttered a thanks and tried to get as far away
as possible. But anyways, this morning I got up and
thought "Aaaaagh, I want to die, I feel sick, I'm going to
drop dead. Don't make me go to school," etc. etc. etc. and
then *after* I took a shower and got ready I found out that
school had a 2 hour delay because of fog. They can never
let you know until after it's too late. But I decided that
I was tired enough to lay on the couch and try to sleep
some more. I succeeded in catching an extra 45 minutes of
sleep, but then my sister decided to come downstairs and
shriek "Party Up" by DMX in my ear. So that sort of ended
that. When I got to school my P.E. teacher decided that he
should punish us since it was somehow our fault that school
was delayed, so he made us run laps around the freaking
track and then he made us play my least favorite sport,
soccer. I had to wear those nasty school "jerseys" too.
Anyway, I don't know what it is with my teacher, but he
always puts us on teams of like 36 people. It's really a
mess. He throws 72 people on a basketball court and
shrieks "PLAY!!!" and if everybody isn't doing something he
gets mad and forces us to run laps. I just don't
understand. Oh well. It was okay since I only had to kick
the ball twice, but then when I got back into the locker
room there were old ladies. Naked old ladies. Naked old
ladies standing in front of my gym locker. Damn the school
for allowing old people to swim in our pool during school
hours. I forced my breakfast to stay in my digestive
system while I changed and then hauled ass out of there. In
my journalism class I found out that the next story I have
to write is a sports story. Whoopee. And I have to get
quotes from the football coach after the game too. Yeah,
I'm sure that the coach really wants to or has the time to
talk to some random non-athletic girl who has to write a
story which she is not interested in at all for a class.
Oh well, I'll probably just make something up since I had
the coach for Driver's Ed and I'm pretty sure I know what
he would say anyway, being the boring, monotone-ish man
that he is. Other than that, my day was pretty usual, so I
guess I'll stop rambling now.

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