UnBrEaK My HeArT
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2003-02-01 06:52:49 (UTC)


Today was so awesome. I think it is probably one of the
best Fridays I have had. Well beside that one up at
Albion ; ) School was fun and Col and I had a lot of off
time. Oh Damn I even did my homework! Lol maybe thats why
they even give us that extra time!? I had practice after
skool which was fun even though I suck! Oh well! Im
gettin what I want out of it and thats all the matters.
After that I went and grabbed my cousin and came back here
to shower. We met up with the clique and went to the
movies. We were SUPPOSE to go to Downtown Birmingham but bc
Michigan weather is a bitch and Could never possibly
corroperate (yea thats not spelled right..its to late to
think!) we ended up staying close to home. Oh geez. What
were we thinkin when we decided to see "Darkness Falls."
Defiently sleeping with my lights on tonight! Its Times
like these that U can use that Certain someone to your
advantage : ) While the rest of the gurls went out for
dinner I dropped Shannon back off but not before almost
plowing right through an intersection! Damn Ford
Explorers! Hah! Pumped some gas which Was soooo incredibly
scary in the DARK after watching that movie and came home.
Rob came over and we chilled for a bit. Even though He
forgot the movie and broke the sound on the DVD ; ) It was
a good night...But Meghan dont worry..Ill be havin a repeat
of Kristins party soon! I luv ya! ; ) Im going to the
cottage tomarrow which should be a lot of fun. Get to look
for my new car when we are up there! Ohhhh heyyyy!
Alrighty well thats enough for me! Gotta go do that Beauty
Sleep thing! ; )
Luv ya
~When you were born, you were crying and everyone
around you was smiling. Live your life so that when
you die, you are the one who is smiling and everyone
around you is crying~