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2001-09-18 23:52:21 (UTC)

Are We Going to War?

Are we going to war....its something I bet a lot of people
that heard about the New York tradgedy are asking
yourselves. Well I dunno about u guys but I am scared
shitless!!!!! I mean the day taht it happened I was sooooooo
upset its not even funny!!! I listened to is all day and at
first it didn't seem that bad. Then I went into a
restaurant and tehre was a TV and I was watching it and i
started crying!!! Right there in the restaurant I started
BAWLING!!!! And I wans't even all taht embarrassed....i was
jsut so scared and so sad!!! And I really want to help, but
theres hardly and ways i can. I have been sending little
prayers to some family's who ahve lost a member and stuff
but it just doen't seem like enough. I also sent a poem
that was actually read on TV, but I still jsut wish I could
help!!! I wanted to give blood but they said I was too
young and I couldn't cause I had asthma!!! I say thats
unfAIr!!!If I wanna give blood I should be able to!!!!!