The UnEven Eye
2001-09-18 23:48:20 (UTC)

Glee. BOO YA.

Ha. I piss my teachers off. HA HA.I can beat this
system. Like so many before me. *beams*

You know. This pretty fun. I love to talk to teachers..
they are the best. You know?

Chem Teacher aka Old bat, with raspy voice: You have
work to make up.. better do it soon
Me: Well that kinda happens when you miss work for
class now?
Old bat: Don't give me back talk.
Me: If it was back talk. Then My back would be turned.
Bat: You may have good scores here.. but-
Me: Yea. I could have your job.

Thats How I met, my end with that class. Nice. No?
*skipped the cursing*