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2001-09-18 23:45:35 (UTC)

You are my passion for life...

How much do I love "Passions"?! Ok, it's the stupidest show
on this earth but that's what makes it so funny and
addictive. For crying out loud, my Dad has become addicted.
It's like an escape from everyday life without leaving the
comfort of your own living room. And there are some hot guys
on there too. And yesterday Miguel had me laughing so hard
when he called the warlock a loser "I have been to Hell,
literally so I'm not scared of you, you big LOSER!" Ok, that
show is cracked! And Theresa accidentally marrying her
fiancee's ex-father because she was drunk and thought he was
Ethan?! That is too funny for words! Oh man, now I have the
giggles. Thank you to the writers of Passions for giving me
something for an escape from what has otherwise been a
horrible week.
Ok, now onto something a little more serious... I HATE
group work! So today in my sports psych class, we had to do
a case study. So Ryan and I pair up. Not good enough. We
have to have a group of 4-5 people. OK, Ryan and I are the
only SSW people in that class so we know no one else so we
just decide to go into a group with the people sitting
beside us. BIG mistake. Ok, the guy was HOT but he was a
MORON. Rugby player, figures. Oh yeah and put the emphasis
on PLAYER because he kept on hitting on the other girl in
our group as well as me. Like I was doing the writing and my
wrist cracked so he grabbed it and started massaging it.
Cute, if I didn't know what he was up to. Then he started
hitting on the group of girls beside us... PLEASE! The guy
is a walking hormone! Ok, back to my griping about group
work. Ok so I get nominated to do the writing. Fine, I am ok
with this. However, Ryan and I were basically the ones
coming up with the answers for the whole bloody thing and
it's a PSYCHOLOGY class and Mr. Player didn't know what a
correlation was- HEL-LO! Did we not take Psych 101? Grrr.
"Dear, a correlation is a relationship between two
variables." I was trying not to crack up watching Poor Ryan
try to explain it to him. You could see Ryan trying not to
shake his head in frustration. Oh well, yeah and guess
what... more group work coming up, in other classes too.
Ok and one more thing that completely ticks me off-
public transit! Can we please be on time for once? Why is it
that it is absolutely necessary for all the buses to be
there at the same time?! So then if one bus is off schedule,
they're all off! It's a good thing I took a bus half an hour
before I normally would have to take one because as was, I
didn't get to class until 5 minutes before- GRRR. Oh yeah
adnd hee hee hee oops, I kinda fell asleep on the bus. So
what if I looked like a moron- I'm entitled! I was on the
damn thing for an hour, counting waiting for it to leave and
then the actual ride. Silly buses. Ok, I want to go back to
Harmony now, you tell that warlock Miguel! Later gator, I
think I'm going to Sunnydale instead to watch Buffy kick
some vampire ass!

Current mood: giggly

Current Music: "Selfish"- N'SYNC- who would have thunk it-
hee hee

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