Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-09-18 23:07:25 (UTC)

New hair!!!!! OMG lol

HAHA that sounds so funny..."new hair" lol

It just means that I'm going to get my hair cut later
tonight. I was suppost to get it doen at 3pm, but my mom
forgot about it LOL. She has to get her hair cut, so she is
taking me. I was going to get it done anyway, but now I
don't have to pay LOL...

I talked to Matt last night... God he is sexy! He told me
he wouldn't be able to go to my homecoming cause of him
being in the Army and being a commander... hehe... that he
would be on staff for most of the weekend. Sp right now
seeing him at all is freaking TIGHT! I hate it =( I just
want to see him... grrrr

Oh well. Life goes on. I asked an old friend of mine,
Heith, if he would like to go with me. I have known Heith
since like 6th grade at Irving. I was friends with his
brother (still am) Aaron and thats how we meet. I have
actually liked Heith for a long time. I have even pretty
much told him. I never REALLY told him, but he knows I do.
So its all good. I still do. I like NEVER see him now that
I dropped out of band. =( Which sucks, cause I really do
like him... *sigh* Hopefully he will say yes... who knows.

I talked to Mike online today... he said pretty much shit.
He said like two words... oh well.

Well got to run. After dinner I chop my hair off LOL.

See ya!