2001-09-18 23:05:19 (UTC)

What a dick!

Wow, today was pretty embarassing. We were standing over
by the vending machines after 6th period PE and Kalua was
trying to get a drink out of one and it was broken and he
got mad and was hitting it and being an asshole cuz he has
the worst temper and Micah was all, "Look's like you just
lost yourself a dollar." And barely hit him on the back,
it was like a tap and I was standing between them and he
goes to hit him, but instead he hit me and it hurt and he
was all, "I swear if you EVER fuckin hit me again!!" And
he is yelling this to Micah, who is one of our good friends
and I got mad for him doing that and for hitting me and for
not apologizing and I slapped him in the stomach, not even
hard and he turned around like he was about to hit me and
yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!" Really loud and I seriously
thought he was about to hit me. Everyone just looked at me
like, "You're gonna let him do that?" and it was
embarassing and I just walked away. I'm sorry, you don't
do that to your girlfriend. What an ass. So I went home
with Deena, Megan and Ashley. It was cool cuz we had to go
to the zoo first and we saw so many hot guys and they were
all waving at us. Then this weird fucker with really nice
car was following us. But all of the other hot guys made me
feel better, cuz when you get mad at your boyfriend, it's
always good to know that there are other guys out there...