Electric monkey
2001-09-18 22:57:51 (UTC)

9-18-01 [one day joe sat on a rock for 5 hours]

Once there was a boy named joe. he was a very bright boy,
although not the most popular in his class. The other
children were always one way or another making fun of him.
Joe couldnt quite see what they were making fun of though.
he was just lil joe and that was that. but the children
continued to nag him and make fun. Joe wasnt totally alone
though, as everyone thought. he actually had a very special
friend named ernie. ernie was a small plactic giraffe. he
had stripes, unlike most giraffes. so joe seemed to really
connect with earnie. they were best friends. joe never got
bored while in ernies presence. infact they were always
together. most if ernies time was spent in joes pocket.
except for when joe was at the magical place. the magical
place was near a small pond about a half a mile from joes
house. there, by the pond was a rock. not a big rock but
not so small a young boy like joe couldnt sit comfortably
on it. well, when joe would go to the magical place, he
would slowly, and carfully remove ernie from his pocket.
Joe would sit ernie in the palm of his hand and start
mumbling random things. but, what made the place so magical
was that the water in the pond was special. when joe would
want to really talk to ernie he would go and dip the small
plastic giraffe into the water. then in 5 seconds the
giraffe would magiacally come to life. ernie would not only
be alive, but he could also talk! joe was always so happy
all every time ernie would talk. after 3 hours though the
giraffe would suddenly turn back into the worn little
plastic giraffe it had been only 2 hours before. at night
joe would sit ernie on his bed-side table. and one night
Neno, joes cat, ate ernie. joe was forever sad and
depressed, because he had no friends. only the peice of
wadded plastic that used to be his best friend..... then
joe died too. -The_End-

yeah, i just felt like writing a story. kinda sad, hehehhe,
yeah. well... my day was alright. went in early for
yearbook.. yep.. then came home and practiced with jessica.
jessica might come over some more sometime tonight to
practice some more. cause we're going to go to a cardboard
practice tomorrow and we have to be good!!!!!! no presure
or anything... ahhhhhhh...... =| ppl.. crazy..
well i guess im gunna go, this is all for now.