2003-02-01 04:39:07 (UTC)

It's Friday (January 31st, 2003)

Hey ppl..I am happy because our team won the game today!!
We kicked there ass..but it's all good. I am just chilling
at home...very bored...i didn't go anywhere much today.
Just school and my mom bought me some food. Yummy..! Sorry
I'm a dork. It's about 10 something and I am sleepy. My
right hip kinda hurts because during the game, this girl
pushed me and then I fell and slid on my little ass. It was
fun, but it didn't really hurt at the time. Then I came
home and it started to hurt a little bit. But I'll put some
Icy Hot on it. That stuff feels good. I hope we go to the
playoffs, then win the championship!! We won the
championship last year, the record was 7-2. And right now
we only loss 2 games, so it's possible to go to the
playoffs if we win the next few games. I'm excited..but the
sucky part is that my mom wants me to stop playing
basketball. Because my school is about 25 minutes away from
where she lives and it's nighttime and all that stuff.
She's scared that I am gonna get hurt and she don't got the
money to pay for the bill if i get hurt. And she was saying
like the girls are all big and all..but half of them
ain't!! Just certain teams. She sayin like its all tireing
and all, well i told her that's why we got
substitutions..and i sit out for about 30 minutes and get
back in the game for about 20 minutes. So then I have
energy and all. Well..I gotta go so peace out.


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