BlAcK hEaRt BlAcK nAiLs

My TrIp To HeLl AnD bAcK
2003-02-01 04:36:42 (UTC)


Zack pisses me off.. doesnt matter if he IS my boyfriend..
im sick of it. hes stuck on himself.. and is always
dwelling on his own problems. then when i yell at him for
it.. he appologizes. what the hell kind of guy is that? he
UNDERSTANDS that i miss john. god.. he seems like hes
tryign to BE him. he runs away every night. and leaves
stupid suicidal messages on his away message. god.. and the
freak is ghetto. damn.. i cant believe i like this kid. we
fight cuz he said "iight" and fight about what kind of
music is better.. rap or rock.. and its just shit.. its a
bunch of shit. this is our conversation so far:
Zthug101: hi
IMABUM522: hey
IMABUM522: howd u get home?
Zthug101: i had to walk
IMABUM522: omg.. u could have gotten a ride home from ashley
Zthug101: yea right there was like 5 people plus ashely and
her not
Zthug101: mom
IMABUM522: so
IMABUM522: i sat up front while her grandma hugged me lol
Zthug101: lol

IMABUM522: awe.. poor baby
Zthug101: lol
Zthug101: and i didnt have my jacket either
Zthug101: will has it
IMABUM522: yea.. ashley gave it back
IMABUM522: omg.. that asshole
IMABUM522: yd u let him wear it?
Zthug101: ashely gave it to will and will wore it
IMABUM522: awe
Zthug101: its ok im used to walkin in the cold
Zthug101: its no big deal
Zthug101: i was supposed to sleep at wills but he wanted
justin to sleep over instead
Zthug101: but i dont care
Zthug101: and now im home alone and theres no food

Auto response from IMABUM522: all you people piss me off

Zthug101: and im so hungy
IMABUM522: awe
IMABUM522: order chinkfood lol
Zthug101: i dont have any money

Auto response from IMABUM522: all you people piss me off

Zthug101: my money is in my coat
Zthug101: and will prob took all my money
IMABUM522: oh my god

Auto response from Zthug101: fuck life.... i mean wuts the
use of living...... right....... ur just gunna die sooner
or later so y not now??

IMABUM522: :-(
Zthug101: wut
IMABUM522: ur away message
Zthug101: wuts wrong
IMABUM522: ur away message...
IMABUM522: nvm
Zthug101: wuts wrong with it
Zthug101: wut cause it says stuff about dieing

Auto response from IMABUM522: slowly dieing

Zthug101: no 1 cares about me no 1 loves me
Zthug101: so wuts the use of living
IMABUM522: how the hell can u say noone cares about you?

Auto response from Zthug101: fuck life.... i mean wuts the
use of living...... right....... ur just gunna die sooner
or later so y not now??

Zthug101: who cares about me
Auto response from IMABUM522: hiding from you.. hiding from
the world

Zthug101: w/e im sry
IMABUM522: i do
Zthug101: yea but my family doe snt care about me
IMABUM522: u kno damn well ur mom does
Zthug101: she doesnt care about me she just acts like she
does infront of my friends
IMABUM522: you said yourself that she cares
Zthug101: if any1 cared about me i wouldnt b home alone and
not nowing where every1 is
IMABUM522: umm.. yea u would
IMABUM522: ur parents have lives too
Zthug101: no they dont they dont have any friends
IMABUM522: they dont get handcuffed tot he house and have
to stay home just incase their son needfs them
Zthug101: k im sry
IMABUM522: for??
IMABUM522: acting like john?
Zthug101: how do i act like john?

IMABUM522: depressed, self centered.. only hes better at it
than u.. ur not as mysterious
IMABUM522: you leave fucking things like that on your away
IMABUM522: seriously.. are you TRYING to be like him?
Zthug101: no y would i want to act lie him
IMABUM522: if u want to that bad.. i could give u lessons
Zthug101: i would never want to b him
IMABUM522: y?
Zthug101: do u want me to b him
IMABUM522: hes a great friend, and person, and brother
IMABUM522: no
IMABUM522: i would NEVER want you to be him
Zthug101: y not?
Zthug101: i dont want to b him but y wouldnt u want me to b
IMABUM522: because he makes me worry day and night about
him.. and makes me cry at least once a day (either he'll
say something.. or he wont call to be able to say
something).. he makes me feel like puking whenever i think
about him
IMABUM522: ive written 3 poems in my whole life.. they were
all about him.. and i hate it
IMABUM522: hate how hes high maintenance
IMABUM522: hate how he hugs me and wont let me go
IMABUM522: hate how hed say hed come over and never would
IMABUM522: hate how whatever he told me to do.. i had to
IMABUM522: hmm.. why else dont i want you to be him....
IMABUM522: he lies
IMABUM522: constantly
Zthug101: well im not so u dont worry
Zthug101: k
Zthug101: i dont want u to worry about me
IMABUM522: i just miss him so much :'(
Zthug101: i can tell u do
IMABUM522: i miss the way he used to tease me
IMABUM522: and i miss the way he would come to my house for
a place to go when he said something mean to nicole and she
stood up for herself.. and the friggin boy got pissed off
and got into a fight w/ everyone in his family cuz he was
so mad

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