Random Thoughts
2001-09-18 21:38:03 (UTC)

Intro...for lack of a better word

Hmmm...So I've decided to maybe start writing in this diary
thing everynow and then. I won't be able to write long
because I only have 22 days till I leave for the Air Force,
It's just my luck ya know? I sign up for the US Air Force
in late June and a month before I leave our country might
be going to war...that's how much luck goes really. Shitty
stuff like that is always happening to me.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. What doesn't
kill me can only make me stronger, and I would like to
think that i'm a pretty strong person. I'm ready to go
fight for my country anyways, Every other generation has
it's heroes...people that went to war for there country, my
generation gets treated like shit cause we don't have any
hero's but i'm pretty sure my generation will be looked at
in new light after the dust settles.

Well this is all i really have to write right now, I might
add more later that is actually on some sort of topic,
we'll see.