This is my crappy life
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2003-02-01 02:16:57 (UTC)

I didn't do it...

OK well this is my first entry...WOO HOO...never kept a
diary b4...I bet it won't last...ok well there is this
guy..who sux..his name is AUSTIN...he has a few friends
(like 2 people). The other day him n I got into an
arguement (like alwayz) cause he was stupid n him n his
friend Ronnie made some pretty stupid pics that made a lot
of people mad. Well I didn't really care to much for
them...I wasn't mad...but tiff was...then she I guess
yelled at auzzie...n when I told him she wasn't happy bout
it he told me not to talk to him cause i am makin his life
a downfall...which isn't true cause I didn;t do anything to
him. He alwayz does stupid things...you know the whole
speak and act b4 you think thing...yeah...then he blocked
me b4 I could yell at him...so I e-mailed him:

ME: e-mail 1: yeah I am not mad at you or anything tiff
told me to tell you she isn't happy...n I don't make your
life a downfall YOU keep messing up...you wonder hwy you
have no firends n everyone wants to beat you up...just look
at the stuff you do...you don't think b4 you do
anything...maybe you should learn to think b4 you take
E-mail 2: I don't care that you blocked me or anything
but just remember I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING YOU DID...if you are
tryin to make me feel guilty for something YOU did hope you
have fun but just remember we really never had a friendship
so I DON'T CARE!!!!!! just remember that...these were just
things that HAD to be brought to your attention because
you're hardheaded n don't realize there are consequences to
YOUR actions!!

Auzzie: well i really dont care because all you did was
make my life a living hell....and i really dont care what i
did or you did....it doesnt really matter....its your loss
not mine....maybe you should get RAPED...and i hope you do
because it will make you realize that you fuck with peoples
heads too much....

REply to Auzzie: naw man...I didn't do anything YOU messed up cause
you don't know how to use your head...you talk crap about everyone
and you wonder why YOU have no friends...the only friends you have
are ronnie n bryan...n I'm surprised you have them by the way you
act...n noone said anything about being rapped...so maybey ou should
think about what you say n how you say it n what you do...maybe then
you would have friends...just think about all the stuff you have said
n done...You are lucky i WAS your friend n just to be clear its not
my loss...I couldn't care less...infact I odn't care at all...

Now that we all hate auzzie...I'll admit i have messed with
peoples heads but I don't mean to...austin is just trying
to make up an excuse for me rejecting him...sorry austin if
you're reading this YOUR LOSS NOT MINE..YOU did it NOT ME...

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