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Emo Violence
2001-09-18 21:37:33 (UTC)

woah. so taday was crazy, i..

woah. so taday was crazy, i just got home but i gotta make
this one short even though my entries are delayed. so i
come home and get the mail, i get a extremely late ebay
payment, that i was waiting for, but not only do i get a
money order for $23, i also get 3 pictures (clothed of
course) anda 3 page letter. Weird, so the kid seems nice,
so i'll write him back, but does anyone find htat a litte
strange, he doesnt kno me at all, im just a random person
selling stuff on ebay and he writes me this letter, so i'll
be nice and write him back, but this def freaked me out!

anyway,right after school i went to the bank, cashed a
check and then went to the post office, from there i
figured id check out the gallery and see who was hangin,
mark john and joe were, so i chilled with them a little
then kim nicole and a girl from my 8th grade gym class
joined us, we talked and smoked and chilled then a litle
later christine comes in, so we all hang, then alison
wintsel comes and mark and joe leave, soon after chris and
that other skater kid eat for a while then christine and i
head out(1.5 hour lapsed time) anyway, so we decided to
walk up to marks and see if he has any weed, hes not home
but john hess is there, so we let our selves in (via the
hidden key) and look around his house for about 30 mins,
christine leaves and then ryan and joe come to jam with jon
and mark, so yeah, it was cool, they set up outside and
that was neato, i wanna so an outside show soon, they are
fun, i later came home, now im home, thats when i got the
odd letter that i intend to respond to sometime tonight,
but right now im goin to pick up the pictures the
photographer took at the lats show and then go grocery
shoppin with my mom, maybe that acme boy will be there
again... *swoon* just kidding, ok time to run, busy