I was hiding under there....
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2003-02-01 02:00:24 (UTC)

"Staying home alone on a Friday..."

Yes, those are some of Johnny Mayer's lyrics (haha maria)
But yes, the sad fact is, I am home alone on a Friday night

I've been downloading some music but i'm very mad! i was
downloading Pinch Me by Barenaked Ladies and there are
these lines that go something like this...

...I could pack up and leave town
Who'd notice that I'm not around?
I could hide out under there
I just made you say 'underwear'...

but the song cut off right after "i could hide out under
there" so it messed up the joke!

anyway...ahhh! i just stuck my hand on a noodle by the
keyboard! I forgot that it was there! (not that i put it
there intentionally but there's a funny story as to how it
got there) The story goes something like this...

I was eating a microwave dinner. It was...well i don't know
exactly what it was called, i'll go check...ok, it was
called Fettucini Alfredo with brocolli and chicken (good
stuff) anyway, i was eating it in front of the computer and
it was really hot! So i had some on my fork and i blew on
it to get it to cool off and a piece just flew off onto the
keyboard! ahahahahaha it was so funny i was laughing so
hard and my sister looked at me like i was a dork (as i'm
sure anyone reading this would be doing)

good times, good times... i also downloaded some Dashboard Confessional,
they're great! haha

oh yeah, i think i may have broken my toe. let me try to
explain my house, you walk in and you can either
go upstairs or downstairs. I was upstairs. Now when you get
upstairs, you can turn right and go down the hall to the
office (where I was) or you can go straight through a
doorway and get to the kitchen or you can turn left into
the spacious living room. Well my sister was goofing off
and rolling around in one of those chairs that has wheels
on the bottom (duh, otherwise she couldn't roll) anyway, so
she left it in the middle of the "intersection" Well her
friend was coming to pick her up so they could go ice
skating and the doorbell rang. I had to answer it so i ran
down the hall, tried to bypass the chair without moving it,
and kicked the doorway into the kitchen. I went back and
looked at it and there was blood everywhere and my toe nail
was coming off (ick!) and my toe kills me now.

i've run out of interesting, pointless (haha zack)(for
everyone else, i tend to tell a lot of pointless stories
and i told zack this and he said that was fine), stories.


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