my life...
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2001-09-18 21:32:01 (UTC)


so whats new with everyone? Nothing much here...well i
dunno if i would say nothing :) but ya once again
I went to school and the bitchy librarians put me in a bad
mood...but then I got over it...I mean when I am their age
I know for a fatc that I won't be working in a stipid place
like SHS...I so cant wait to leave would have
no idea unless u went yeah well life was all
normal and stuff...until a week ago...I mean honestly I
kind of gave up on trying to attempt to make any
relationship work with Mike...He likes to play here today
and gone tommorow...not that there is anything wrong with
that...I mean he is only 18...I wanted something seious
with him...but screw that whole idea...he made it that back to what I was saying before...I met this guy
Scott...he's another brunswick boy lol...but mary knew Tim
and he told her to look at his pic so she told me to do the
same thing and I emailed him and suprisngly enough
he that blew me away... but we met and then
on friday we went to see a really sucky movie(cough the
glass house cough) It was a really cool night though. He's
so great and we are going to HC at mine and his cool is that??? yeah I am happy's
weird...I feel like I have known him for ages and in
actuality its only been like a week actually one day less
than that... I am so happy...I don't know what's actually
going to happen but I am going to try and stop pushing
things...if it happens cool beans if not well than it was
never meant to be*I mean that in every way too*... well i
am off to go do HW and then I am going to kickbox :) bye bye

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