Yeh.. right
2003-02-01 01:29:32 (UTC)

A day from you know what

Alright, heres the deal.. Yesterday morning i get up.. im
not feeling so hot.. all is well right.. WRONG. I get up
go to class and at about 9ish or so (class starts at 8) I
started feeling really dizzy with a Migraine. I hung out
till class was over and got in the car to go home at 10. I
drove about 10 miles and dont remember anything, I blacked
out :(
Once I got to the Doc's he gave me a shot (ouch) and
to home and in bed i was.. whew.. how nice it was to
relax. I didnt hear from Chris A. today. (a good male
friend of mine.. use your imagination)I think he really is
only using me, but i sorta enjoy it so im not complaining.
Although I do wish we could be more than we are right now.
I hardly see him and he never really calls. I call him
mostly. Then theres Doug.. Doug, Doug, Doug. Doug and I
used to be best friends and still are. we talk every now
in then but hes really in love with someone else. which I
can understand ( i have blown him off lots ) and not
because he isnt a great guy.. but i'll get into that
another day.
Work... well its a four letter word what can i say..
it sucks.. five letters.. but what the heck.. anyways..
more another day