Heather M

Days,of my so called Life
2003-02-01 01:06:16 (UTC)

Sitting here

well i didn't write in here for a long time, i have been
busy with pom dance team, and school. And trying to have
somewhat of a normal social life. Right now, my best friend
in the whole world, Carly, is sitting by me. We are bored
out of our minds. We both have been sick for the last
couple of days. We have no idea what the hell we are going
to do. I got to see my real mom yesterday, and my little
brother and my sister. That was a relief to see that they
are better and are much happier. My mom wants me to come
back and live with her. But her, i and the court system
know that that won't be happening for a while. i will be 16
years old on the 24th of february, and by the time we both
would ready to live with eachother, i will be off to
college, on my own the real world. And I think that if we
start now, that the possibilities are endless. I miss how
things use to be, when i lived with her. even though we
never were exactly rich and had major rock bottom issues,
we still lived somewhat of a good life. We never cared
about money, and what it could bring. Yeah we payed our
bills, kept a roof over our head, and food in our mouths,
we always managed to get by. I wish my foster family was
like that. See my foster family are rish superficial
mindless retards, that have absolutly no clue what the hell
is going on outside there own little secluded fake world.
And i am not like that, but i fear of becoming like that.
Yes getting what you want is awesome and that's what almost
of child would want, but the Grass is Never Green on the
Otherside. And that's the most true quote in the world! I
hate money, and it's just evil. Anyway, yeah we are bored,
carly and i, and my pain killers are kicking in big time.
But this is just another Brief, oh so brief, chapter to my
life. Until I can find time. Toodles Muah love y'all!..
~peace brotha'~ ;)