Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-02-01 00:52:07 (UTC)

What is she thinking

I cant belive she would say that to me! What a fricking
never. If im just a friend why would you do that? If you
were to fricking busy to say something then just say I cant
talk right now but not act like I'm such an ass and like I
have no life! I really dont care if she even gets wicked
pissed beacuse this isn't the first time she has treated me
this way. AARRGG!
Anyways Andi's birthday is tommorow and I still haven't
puchased a gift yet. It is so funny that she doesn't like
Katie. I think Katie needs to tone done a little bit
because she act to jumpy.
Today roally (thats not spelled right but o well) sucked to
top off this fight I had with Suzanna, Alex is leaving.
This kid is so wicked awesome and I dont say this about
alot of people but I love this kid. I don't know why he
has to go to an altenitive school. I'm wickedly going to
miss him!
The only good part about this day was I passed my huge
Regents exam. I'm wicked happy that I got an 78 on it. I
was so scared I was going to fail it.
I don't know what eles to say so yeah!!!!!!!!!