Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
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2003-01-31 23:32:51 (UTC)

A new beginning

as i expected, yesterday lindsey did infact break up w/
me. and i was shocked and hurt like hell then. but i am ok
now. cause i realized by the grace of god, i am still alive
and lindsey is still AT LEAST my friend.
just the only thing that puzzels me is y she did
it. "cause i am to depressed". that hurts me more than any
other part about it. because that is something i truely
can't help. but depression is not an emotion, it is an
illness. here this is something i GENIOUS friend told me
and it is the truth.

Depression is not an emotion,
it is an illness.
An illness is a desease,
and deseases have the strange tendency to kill people....
end of story.

now this is a very good saying cause it is soo true. but
i mean the fact that it is something i can't help. and that
i can't get help for it. if i go and tell my mom that i
have a problem, that i am depressed she will just laugh at
me. i need help, i admitt it now, but i just can't get it.
but it is ok, caus i am starting to have feelings for
another person. i aint saying who, but most already no.
so i am gonna go, i have to go to my dads so i won't
write for a couple days. bye everyone. and thanks for all
the support, yall really do help me. i love u

now todays song is actually my life anthem. whenever
something happens to me, i listen to it. i honestly think
it is the best written song ever.

todays song:
Eric Clapton-Tears In Heaven