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2001-09-18 20:41:04 (UTC)


I always have these periods of i guess what you could call
depression. I hate everything and cant stand to be away from
joe cause he is the only one who can make everything seem
ok.I hate school, I hate people, I hate to anything that
involves being social or work,and I just get so unhappy
thinking about joe and how much i love him and how much i
wanna be with him.Even though I know i have to be patient
and hold on. Oh god please grant me patience and peace.

And the most awful and at the same time funny thing happened today
that i just had to write about.I was walking from the school to my
car and as i passed the bus riders I looked over at this rather latino
looking girl and i thought to myself,"she is really pretty",then as i
walked by she began to curse me out horribly saying f*** you dont look
at me stupid like that when all i was think what a pretty girl she
was. Needless to say my opinion quickly changed as i just walked
passed and said nothing i simply thought,"what a horrid and uncultured
soul she obviously must have the IQ of a dried bananna."

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