I was hiding under there....
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2003-01-31 23:06:00 (UTC)

I Beg to Diffa

Haha, that's what one girl said on American Idol like last week. Good

Anyway, just dropped in for a quick story.

You know those sugar waffer cookies? That are long
rectangular cookies with the little square indentations and
cream in the middle? Well they come in chocolate, vanilla,
and strawberry. I went to open the package and they are
arranged so that if you open it one way, you have to eat
all the strawberry to get to the vanilla then eat all the
vanilla to get to the chocolate. The other way you could
have opened the package would have been to eat all the
chocolate to get to the vanilla then all the vanilla to get
to the strawberry. Well personally I like the strawberry
best. So I went to open the package and thought to
myself "Make sure you open the strawberry side" Somehow
that thought got blocked by everything in my head and I
went on to open the chocolate side. I have stupid moments
like that very often. Get use to it. My question though is
what if you only like the vanilla? Then you're screwed.
Although Kroger did have plain vanilla stocked too so you
could get just vanilla but then I thought, what if you only
like chocolate? Or only strawberry? They didn't have those
packets serparate. Imagine that! I think I should write the
company and tell them they are being prejudice.


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