2003-01-31 23:00:42 (UTC)


Well lets see it's Friday, and all my freinds are at some
Youth group Fear Factor thing in AC, to promote FODALO, and
stupid me.. I didn't feel like going. and now I regret it,
cuz I will be stuck home all day. I haven't talked to
Dennis (my boyfreind) about the whole sittuation, about him
and shannon (the gurl he called). But he's actin really
strange. I wanted to talk to him but my phone needed to be
charged so I gotta call him back in an hour. He was gonna
go to the youth group thing with shannon, but he thought I
was gonna get mad at him. That kinda pissed me off.
Because, I wouldn't be mad at him. I mean I have no right
to tell him who he can hang out with, cuz I hang out with
my guy freinds. But the only thing I had a problem with was
that he lied to me, and I didn't like the idea of her tryin
to make the moves on him, it's really not that I don't
trust him, I just don't trust her, and I feel like I'm
being an annoying jealous g/f. and I don't know if me being
jealous is normal, or just immature. Well g.t.g.

: : Kelly : :