I was hiding under there....
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2003-01-31 22:44:40 (UTC)

Penny for my thoughts?

Yeah well today just about sucked. Don't get me wrong, I
was glad to go in 2 hours late but after that it sucked.
School was a bore, a whole bunch of quizzes and junk that
I didn't study for so I'm sure I failed them, then there
was a meeting for people who are auditioning for the talent
show...i'm auditioning obviously otherwise I wouldn't be
telling you all this...anyway, all acts have to be 2-3
mins. Well guess what? Mine's not. I have changed songs
three times. I can't find any music under 3 mins. It's
I'm very mad because you know, there has been announcements
about the talent show for like 3 weeks and they are
choosing now to tell us all this information? Don't you
think everyone already has their music by now? So
basically, if you're like me and don't have any music under
3 mins. you're screwed.

Anyway, so it's friday and I have no plans. What fun.

Anyway, I'm going out with Zack now.

The dance is 7 days away (not counting today). My dress is
super long so i'm afraid it will seem too dressy. Oh well,
too late now.

Oh yeah, you may have noticed that my diary is called "I
Was Hiding Under There..." it's just a funny joke my friend
Lauren and I say...this is how it's supposed to go:

Jokester: I was hiding under there!
Random, Oblivious Person: Under where?
Jokester: Haha, I made you say underwear.

I got that joke from the song Pinch Me by Barenaked
Ladies...funny guys they are....

well...I believe that's all I have to say for now, since I
will be home tonight though, I will probably do some more
writing/typing. (i'm not really sure what to call it b/c
typing just sounds "gay" as Lizzie would say.)


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