Blood and Chocolate
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2001-09-18 20:26:23 (UTC)

don't know don't care! :)

Hey everyone~
Sup ? Not much here ! I have NO homework except to study
for spanish ! ick ! I hate studying ! I never know how to
go at it ! LOL ! and my sister can't make me flash cards
for this test ! LOL inside joke ! Speaking of my sister ,
sylvia ( singing badly on purpose ) " You reminde me of the
girl that IIIIIIII once new !!!!!! " LOL . that was so
random as hell ! LOL only Sylvia understands that song and
the singing that song badly thing !!!!! HAHA ! I am so
happy for mick ! He and Bailey are going out and they are
so cute ! AWWW! congrats to the two of them ! hehe ! Umm
lets see what else ?! OH Adam got my ring ! :) ! YES !
hehe ! I am so happy he got it ! Now Adam you have to send
me something of yours !!!!! like hmmm I don't know what
but something !! Like IDK ( I don't know) ! Ahhh ! Hmm I
can't think of anything right now ! hmmm I will just give
me sometime !! lol !
OH I there is a quote for today but I am too tired to go
and get it from my note book where I wrote it down ! Haha !
OH I wore my Coke belt to school and my friend Nate L. told
me he thought it was tacky ! OUCH ! that hurt he got me
right there ! LOL Kati ! Oh well I don't care what Nate
thinks ! Cause everyone else loved my belt ! hehe ! Ok well
I really have to go now !
Luv ya always

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