Totally Consumed
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2003-01-31 22:19:42 (UTC)

hold on if u feel like letting go...

5:19 PM

hold on if u feel like letting go
hold on it gets better than you know

ahh stuff is AWFUL! Shannons mad at me..last night i was
online talking to jason and i was joking but i said "im
gonna kill myslef" and he didnt even care! it took him like
10 minutes just to type back and he said "lol". ARG! but
back to shannon..he is SO mad at me. he said i was a liar
and he doesnt want to be friends and all this other
stuff...he said we fight too much. yeah we do..but i kno
why. its because im really defensive around him because im
afraid of him. but he tells me all this stuff thats wrong
with me and i makes me feel worse.

LORIDERS360: fuck i didnt ask ryan to say anything to u so shut the
fuck up u stupid lil bitch
t3a kk: dont call me a bitch
LORIDERS360: i just did

too bad i dont say shit like that to him eh?

8:52 PM

HEY! im happy! cause madelyn is here!! yeayyyy! lol idc about that
shannon stuff any more..he can suck my invisable dick. woo woo! well
ill probably be sad by the time school starts again so im gonna go
party like its 1999! (ehh so hyper!)

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