Step inside the mind of a maniac
2001-09-18 19:52:16 (UTC)

*sigh* yet another tuesday

Okay well lets see, the day started with a rather
interesting assembly, yes, i know what your thinking, 'one
of those thingys can actually be interesting' well yes, it
Yeah it was about what we can do after we leave school next
year, which basically boils down to 4 choices, manual
work , college, carrying on at school, or work based
experienced. And we had 3 erm, not quite sure how old they
were, but people, sing, rap , and do various supposed
comedy sketches to spell all this out to us. So in short,
we spent the whole of the morning, till about 10am just
sitting on our asses, watching this, but it was certainly
better than physics, which , with the teacher we have, is
waaaaaaaaaay too early for first thing in a morning.
ANyway, I.T was also pretty good, doing something i can
actually do and do well, and thats building websites, and
we're finally getting into proper I.T work with hardware
components and various different things on software, okay,
i'll stop with the technical stuff now
And since i'm good at this stuff, just like at computer
club in 4th grade, or 5th year as we call it, people are
calling for my help instead of the teachers, okay, so i'm
part nerd, but hey, i'm part proud of that too ^_^.
This is probably the only time i actually do one of these
projects well and on time.

Sounds like an alright school day so far, but then, we come
to the final lesson, english , and whats actually gonna
Now we're doing these role plays on Macbeth, ours is
already horrible, i mean i already have a good mark for
this, a B in all three of the things covered by this, so
i'm essentially fine, and wouldnt really need to do this,
but still our script is alright, but compared to the people
who've gone before us, its bad, real bad, and the others
keep forgetting their scripts, dont know their lines, or
any of that stuff. So here me and 2 other people of the
group have done our part, know our part, ( note, i managed
to get away with one of the smallest parts in this, YAY!! )
so tomorrow, its our turn, and unlike the last 2 days,
theres no way of getting out of this, so hopefully this
will go better than i expect, and i wont once again make a
complete fool of myself in front of the class again.

SO other than that, mom asked me what i think about the
whole world trade thingy, and she seemed to be disappointed
that i dont feel anything on it, that i dont know how to
react, i'm still not shocked or anything like that. So
yeah, i could have lied, i can do that to my parents pretty
well, but decided to be honest for some reason, tired of
living any lies i guess.

Finally on a side note, i actually saw an interesting show
on lying and stuff, turns out from the day we're born, and
finally develop into full born liars by the time we're
about 11. Oh well, another bad closing thing, but then,
like i said at the beginning, my life isnt exactly the most
interesting one ^^