Randy Mefford

The Apartness of my life
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2001-02-20 04:20:34 (UTC)

February 19,2001 Dear Diary, ..

February 19,2001
Dear Diary,
Hello, my name is Randy Mefford and i have
alife time of storys and thoughts and memories to tell you
that are very interesting and very secret....and i believe
you like and enjoy and maybe even cry about what ill have
to tell you....It started in a calm and relaxing area and
state of life of human beings and others on earth...I
believe that little girls grown up suppose to know that
there always going to be safe and that nothing can ever
harm them or hurt there feeling emotionally....well when
you grow up and get tothe age of where you can understand
you'll figure out that they were wrong and its not always
the way your parents says it is....girl and guys have strng
emotions but can easily be hurt and destroyed by alot of
thing.Thats also why i guess there is a reason of feeling
cryong and hurting either inside or out .....they know what
there doing right or wrong ....but it there deciession
rather to make the right or wrong one....they dont know how
that other person is going to feel or how there going to
take it ...girl or guy they choose and decide but its not
always right ...they love and care and hurt or swear but
the best part is when the love is coming from the inside
and it striks ther mind and they know what to do because it
comes from the heart.....Love is suppose to come from the
heart and thats were it all conts the most.....looks aren't
always everything its the inside that counts not the out-
side....well this is good night and i will see you tomorow
because my story has not began......
good night randy

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