Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-09-18 19:47:04 (UTC)


Shes so cool. But doesnt Rainbow look funky? The spelling
does to me.... I dont know. Lol. Im a dork.

Yeah, we stayed at a hotel last night. NEVER AGAIN my
friends, NEVER again. It was so cold and it sucked. I
hardly got any sleep. But i got a shower. :-D

...responsibility, whats that? responsibility not quite
yet! responsibility, whats taht? I dont wanna think about
it wed be better off without it...

*grin* MxPx is great. ... Im still young and id like to
stay that way! cuz growin up wont make everything okay...

In a way, Id like to counter that. when i grow up, I can
be wtih my man. And my friends. Ihope. I pray!

Homecoming is in a few weeks. How do i feel about that...
I dont know. *shrugs*

Well, everyone, I love you. Matt, you rawk I love you,
huggles, thanks for the comment, I lovez yaz too!, Mary,
your cool and i love you and im here for you, Libbers, your
so awesome, and everyone else...