Me Venting Out
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2001-09-18 19:39:07 (UTC)

September 17th 2001

Well today I went to class and Ray is still really hot!
I'm not really into him but he is just really attractive,
his personality is kinda slow though. Well besides that my
classes are still really easy, I took my first test today
in my African American History class and got a 99% on it! I
was so happy. Well I walked around with Lauren for a little
while after class and that was cool cuz I haven't really
talked to her in a while. Well then I came home and tried
to catch up on some of the sleep that I have been missing.
I couldn't get any though. And it really sucks cuz I lay in
bed, fall asleep by 4:30 and I am up again at 5:30. Well
then my sister told me that Breon and Stef had called me,
so I called Breon back and he had told me about batemans. I
really wasn't in the mood to go at that time, I just didn't
feel like dealing with anything. Well then Stef called me
and I decided that I was going to go. Sean also called me,
oh I haven't talked about him yet. Sean is this guy that I
met on Friday at Parkvilles Volleyball game, he asked me
for my number and I gave it to him cuz I can't say no. He
calls me all the time though. And he is really cool and
sweet, but he uses soo many pick up lines! I don't know
we'll see what happens. Well after I decided that I was
going to go to Batemans, I went running, cuz it is like the
only thing that helps me feel better right now, and then I
came home and took a shower. Bob and Evan came over for a
little while and just hung out at my house. Evan got his
hair cut and it looks a lot better! Well then we went to
Batemans and met up with Stone, Nick, Candi, Amber, Breon
and Megan. Yeah... well then I saw Jamie Cz and talked to
him for a little bit, he's such an awesome guy! Well then
Sean called me and I talked to him for a few minutes. I
then called Lauren cuz I really wanted her to be there,
seeing them together for the first time since the whole
thing really got to me, and I know it shouldn't have. She
was actually not giving me dirty looks and stuff which was
cool. Well then we decided we were going to Pizza Hut since
there was a really long wait at Batemans. So I drove with
Nick to go get Lauren. We then met up with everyone at
Pizza Hut including Stef and Mike. Pizza Hut was pretty
cool, I talked to Stef and Lauren most of the time. I am
really happy for Mike, he seemed so excited about Drexel
and I know he'll do great at baseball. And I hope that me
and Stef will start talking more again. Well then once we
were done there, we took Lauren home and then Nick brought
me home. Me and Nick had a pretty good talk on the way home
and he gave me some advice on what to do from here. I was
glad that he was there for me last night, he understood a
lot that I was saying, and he not only listened but gave me
some of his own input. Thanks again Nick! and I am going to
get a hobby :o) Well then I came home and even though
talking to Nick made me feel better I still couldn't sleep,
just too many things on my mind. Well I guess that's all
for tonight.