Watch me lose it...
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2003-01-31 21:13:36 (UTC)

Day Off

Listening to : Eminem - Lose Yourself

Its nice to have a day off I guess! Slept until 11:30
Got my car sorted out with the tracking being adjusted.
Apparently the CV seals are broken though on the front
wheels, losing grease and oil. This could account for the
squeek. Bit of a pain, means gotta get them fixed at a
dealer. Money money money.
Nevermind. Its still a great car. Apart from the gear box,
the squeakiness of the wheels and the rattling windows! The
megane coupe forum has some great mods...might have to
start thinking about that :D
Haven't rhymed today. I have started on a midi version of
smoke by Ben Folds Five. I've also installed windows 2000
on my PC..Kicked off 98 due to the fact the USB flash
driver wipes out the IDE controller driver..making all
drives work in compatability mode...crap performance and no
Still waiting on getting redhat 8 through the post from
Martin. Nice guy..just a bit unreliable!
Another two days off to come. Superb.
I was hoping to talk to River tonight but looks like she
might not be on. Nevermind. Her loss.
Still not written to Tawny. Still read her sad "I hate
myself" diary...just cant get the energy to write. I think
I'll write to Sarah instead.