What can I say?
2001-09-18 19:34:01 (UTC)


So I am not sure about this whole writing a diary thing,
but a friend told me i should try it. i have been thinking
about wanting to write something real, like a novel or
short story, so maybe this will help me out. not sure what
you want to hear from me, but all i can say is that i am a
college kid who has some issues that would be much easier
put into words.
i love my life and there is not much i would change if i
could change anything. but, there are a few probs. see, i
have a boyfriend, and i love him dearly, but i sometimes
wonder what else is out there. we are so young, it seems
like i am missing out on things that i could really be
enjoying. the other nite i went and hung out with some guy
friends of a friend of mine that i have met at school, and
i had the best time. we goofed off and laughed, and i was
so relaxed, not worried about anything, not even
schoolwork, my major stressor. i try so hard to please
everyone, and it's really getting to me right now. sorry if
I skip around a lot, but i am typing as i am thinking. i
love to help people, and i can never be mean or say no--
that's my biggest problem. that may be my biggest prob
with my boyf too--i don't want to hurt him and turn him
away, but at the same time i feel trapped. if anyone out
there has some insight, just let me know. talk at cha later