2001-09-18 19:30:24 (UTC)


..okay so today is just a typical tuesday. I am going home
this weekend for sure and I cant wait. My bday is a week
from tommorrow..which is pretty cool. I'm having a party at
my best friend's house and I'm excited. I'm getting my own
bottle of everclear vodka and forgetting all of my problems.
lol!!! Also, me and jason have'nt slept together since 4
weeks ago-- and I need it bad. So I'm thinking it'll be a
bit of a romantic weekend also. Saturday we are going out to
eat at this really cool japanese steakhouse-- should be a
good time. well I don't have anything else to say so i guess
i'll go for now.see ya!!!

p.s.--- u people need to leave me some notes