my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-01-31 20:48:42 (UTC)


yeah we got our new sceduals to day and it was the first
day of the 3rd marking quater. woo... fucking wohooooo!!!
i have art all day except last block i got film and
fiction. i am exausted and all i wanna do is sleep. i am
going to the basketball game tonight with maria i guess we
are leaving around 7:30 or something like that. then i am
staying at her house so.... school was ok i guess.
nothing to interesting happened. i started my advanced
photography class today and it seems like it is gonna be
mad fucking hard but what ever i need the practice for
college. if i even go. and i am almost done with my
tiffany box in creamics. i can not wate for it to be
finnished it is gonna look bad ass. lunch w/out maria was
kinda boring but checha was there and she amused me. lol.
and matt kenny and i think jay left early today...i dont
knw were they went but they left early and i was sad.:(
and the bus ride home was cold and boring. never any fun
w/out jason but what ever.... me and jero talked and shit
and it was soooo cold it wasent even kewl. ughhhh i hate
taking the bus!!!!!!!!!! my sister is going to amsterdam
in march and iwanna go so bad but yeah know i cant. i
guess it is like the pot smoking capital of the world. you
go in to these litte shops and the give you a bowl and you
get to pick off a menu what kind of weed you want to
smoke. how cool is that? i really really wanna go/.....
but i cant! gerrrrrr!!!!!ok i think i am gonna go take a
nap so i can stay up tonight and what not...... prolly
wont be back till the AM. im out later sk8ters
watching: motorcross
time:4:20 wohoooooo!!!!! it's 4:20!!!!!!!
ok so ass hole just yelled at me for all of the empty boxes in front
of MY door to outside. does it effect you? no!!! did i ask you to
do a favor for me? yeah!!! did you do it for me? no b/c you didnt
think that i deserved it. well i dont feel like moving the boxes so
they are just gonna chill there for a long time now b/c i know it
pisses you off...... haha motha fucka!!!!!!ME-FUCKIN-OW!!! you need
to die.....right you fucking cock sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[time:6:38pm bloody marys!!!!!]
i am so fucking bored oh my god!!!! ohh what is this? hummm......
hahaha j-k. i want to talk to some one! aghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
p.s. i want a bloody mary and some SHRIMP!!!!!!! yummy in my tummy>

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