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2001-02-20 04:06:16 (UTC)

Diary, 2/19/01 Third..

Diary, 2/19/01

Third entry in one night, WOW! What to talk about?
Nothing new, just bored waiting for someone to email me!
What a life I have huh? j/k...Anywho, I was thinking about
whether or not I should go to homeschool next year. I mean
here's the reasons to:

#1: I won't be fussing every morning
#2: Won't hafta worry about fitting in
#3: More time to myself and less time to worry about what
people are thinking of me
#4: No stressful late night cram sessions
#5: Can have a full nights sleep
#6: Work on my writing

Here are reasons not to:

#1: Losing touch with friends
#2: May affect my career in future
#3: no social life

Hmmmm, I don't know...the reasons *not* to go to public
school outwieghs everything...but I think I might, just to
try it out. I mean, but then again, what about the tests?
The math classes? I can't do any of that! LOL, maybe I
could go out and get pregnant and go to Pace; there you
don't hafta worry about failing, you pass every grade! What
do think about it? I'm just kidding!!! I guess I have a couple more
months left to think about it...**counts on fingers...february, march,
april, may, june...** that's long enough right??

What if I make the wrong choice though??? Then I'll kick myself and
hate myself and **getting frustrated**...j/k! Not that worried about

And another thing I gotta worry about! I have that damn TAAS
tomorrow and this is the one that you gotta take in the tenth grade to
see if you can graduate **please god let the test be EASY!** I may
not get a career because of it!!! What happens to my journalism
career them??? It goes down the toilet, that's what! **sigh** I
dunno what to do...


* "It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to
---Theodore Roosevelt

* "You are never given a dream without also being given the power to
make it true."
---Richard Bach

* "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
---Eleanor Roosevelt


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