Book of the Purple Faerie
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2003-01-31 20:38:38 (UTC)

*Big Yawn*

Here's the latest update on life in Slippery Rock: North
Hall smells like a big permanent marker. The Pink Room
downstairs is being painted and fumes are traveling around,
making the hall smell funny. Me, I'm tired as all hell, and
I can't figure out why. Yesterday, the guys just came over
and we played some Silent Hill 2 and Devil May Cry. The
sequel to Devil May Cry was released on Wednesday and Chris
is splooging all over the place (ick). I think we're going
to get it today. Me, I'm addicted to Suikoden 3. I love the
characters and the plot SO much! I've already gotten
through all the characters' (Thomas included) first and
second chapters, plus Hugo's third. I'm currently playing
as Geddoe the merc, whom I'm very fond of. His party is a
lot of fun and not really strongly allied with either
opposing force. His band of mercs are hysterical! All the
other characters have great storylines and perspectives. I
just can't stop playing!

Classes are alright. Lots of work, tedious work, but I get
by. It's tons of fun hanging out with the others, so I try
to get it all done ASAP. Haven't heard from Michelle
recently, and that's sad, because she turned 20 this week!
Tried calling but couldn't get through, and I don't have
her cell number... Hope to talk to her soon! I know she's
having computer troubles =-/I took some quizes on her
online diary, two of which dealt with FF and got Auron both
times! Sweet!

Hmmm... that's about all here! Heather is going home this
weekend to celebrate her birthday with her family *sniff*.
This will be the first weekend I'm in the room by myself!
Odd! Creepy! Sleepy!


You are Auron! As the legendary,
unabashedly roninguardian in Final Fantasy 10, you gave all
theKurosawa fans who played the game the tributeto Toshiro
Mifune they had been waiting for!Let's go through the reasons why
you're cool -you wear cool shades, you're the only
characterin the game who isn't horribly obviouslydubbed, you
use the coolest swords in the game,you keep one arm inside your
coat, and youcarry around a big-ass jug of saké. Speakingof
saké, go take a big drink, 'cause you're sogoddamn cool!
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