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2001-09-18 18:55:53 (UTC)


Subj: Re: ?
Date: 9/18/2001 2:33:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Ruemallar
To: [email protected]

Somebody already broke my heart, so don't regret. I'm
not easily impressed, but whe u walked in, the whole world
stopped, life really is a short time for our souls here.
How can u b so sure where a path may lead if u don't walk
down it? I remember the good and bad too. I remember
waking as u slept and tracing your outline, your lips, and
curves and long lashes...What I have truly learned, is that
being able to see into the future, down pathways, in no way
excludes or protects you from feeling the ache and joy, and
certainly does not trivialize those experiences, no matter
how much one may wish to remain detached from them. Insight
also allows us to make choices. You chose to see an end.
After u disappeared, the numbness came back and still
hangs around like the closed curtains on an empty stage.
Except that is is more intensified, because I know what it
is I miss. For me, your eyes will always hold a gentle,
comforting, exciting sparkle, like no other. It is
disheartening to have people walk into my life and make
such a difference, only to have them exit, just as
It is my belief, that if someone needs your help, it
is an opportunity to do what u can, for acts of kindess
always come back to you, in the gentlest of ways. I hope u
can see beyond my selfishness. I was always careful of
being respectful of your need to spread your wings, in
hopes that u would consider our friendship, for yours has
brought me such great joy, despite what u may feel.
'Damage', is not only about you, but others [and
experiences] who have left an immeasurable impact on my
life, and who have also disappeared. These disappearances
confound me, and cause me to search for an answer, and some


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