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2003-01-31 19:50:16 (UTC)

Long time no talkz

Hello everyonez!! Wazzup my nigguz? Well as for me nothing
much just havent been able to write in a long time. Well
things at home : Suxy cituationz! But thats life and
sometimes there is nothing that you can do. Well at least I
still have my baby next to me through thick and thin. Gonna
be 5 months the day after Valentines Day!! Woop Woop Di
Woopz. Well I havent been online either cuz Ive been
working to pay off my Rolley Rolley Rolex : Bling Blinga!!
I getz my shitz on Saturday. Eyyyy guess what esse? Rib
tacoz rox. With chololate cake and a coke. Gangsta pimp
shitz. I havent been able to talk to alot of people either.
Either im busy or when im actullay finally online they are
too busy!! Damn grillfriendz!! Ugghh!! ::sighz:: (lol dion)
(and myra). Gangsta gangsta cuh! Yeah yeah the Raiderz
lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am still a die hard fan and
at least we made it that far. Gannon is garbage. Much love
to da Raiderz. Damn shamez now I gotta pay Mauricios cell
phone bill!!!!!! Damn that shitz. Okay well these past few
weeks I have gotten a whole lot of play. Cuz im a playa
cuh!! JK. I aint no playa. I love my baby. I passed up
giving my number to this fine ass USC Football player with
colored eyez!!!!!!!!!!! I think im over that now but
damniez he was fine I mean like
ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnn. But thats okay
cuz my baby is the best nugga in the whole wide world
besides his criminal record (jk). Okay well I think thats
all that I have to say for now. Besides Im having a
baby!!!!!!!!!!! Well not me but you know same
difference. .............. Count down to muh baby coming to
this world is ........... 5 months!! Gangsta gansta bllling
blingba. Aiightz much luve. Im tellin you he was

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