2003-01-31 19:41:09 (UTC)


I got in trouble yesterday at work. I knew something was
going on when Donna (supervisor) asked me to come with
her......We went to Kurts office (Manager)...and he told
me how I wasn't working and its a problem. WE had some guy
come in to look at our store yesterday (who does the store
report) so he had to make sure everyone was being perfect
and I wasn't...so he picked me apart. I pushed a cart over
where the other carts were, and that was wrong, I should
have been pulling the carts outside where they go first
thing in the morning. Man it sucked!!! He never picks on
Miranda (cash supervisor), and when I told him that she
doesnt really give ideas on stuff to do, he said she is
new at this and we are working with her on it. I said yea
right.....thats why you call me and tell me that I should
be doing something instead of her. BLAH!!!! He made me cry
and then left because the store report guy was there.
Fucker!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH makes me so mad!!! He always picks
on me lately....I need a new fricking job!

BLAHHHHHHHHHHh Thats my rant for yesterday..I might write
more later for todays entry....right now I need to eat
lunch and get ready for work