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2001-09-18 18:38:44 (UTC)

Last egotistical entry

After this its back to the other stuff.

More About Me:
I got a Dungeon Masters Guide
I got a twelve sided die
I got my Kitty Pride
And Nightcrawler too...
Especialy Nightcrawler...
I love comic books, and yes I have been known to play those
evil Dungeons and Dragons games. Im the perfect combination
of Geek/punk rocker. I wear ratty clothes, shave my head,
wear boots... all that crap. Im not racist, nor do I stand
for racist remarks on the expense of my friends. I have
been known to kick the shit out of neo-nazi skins and
racist fucks. Im in and out of college, studying Philosophy
Art and Psychology. I may or may not finish... depends on
how I feel at the moment... right now I dont think I will.

Ever get the feeling your being watched?

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