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2001-09-18 17:49:12 (UTC)

My First Entry!!

Whoa...This is nifty pifty. wow. Anyway i was going to go
to the mall today! but....(yes a but) hehehe buts:) anyway
I did this summer job thing and i got my check like a week
ago. I asked my dad if he could cash it in for me. He said
he could. So he did. Then last night I saw the money but he
didn't give it to me. He like like "im not about to give
you 180 dollars and I'm like what! But it's mine! Last year
i had the same job and his rule was he hide the money
somewhere and then i would have to call him at work and
tell him how much i needed and he said ok w/e. And i mean i
shouldn't have to do that anyway I mean it's my money i can
do what i want with it. What does he think im going to do
go out and buy drugs? (hey thats not a bad Idea) jk! Well
I'm really pissed cuz im don't have any money and my dad
has all my money with him. He wasnts me to write out a
thing telling what I'm going to buy and the prices isn't
this sooooooooooo dumb! I am soooooo pissed off!
rage. Ok I think im done for now bye bye.....
[:: Gina :::]