2001-09-18 16:47:23 (UTC)

Getting Ready

We are getting Owen ready to move to Corvallis tomorrow
where he will begin his classes at Oregon State University
on Monday. I'm glad that Jack was able to come home for a
week in August to talk to him about college life. From the
e-mails Jack has sent me I think he's still giving Owen
advice and, I'm happy to say, Owen seems to be taking it to

I baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies this
morning and put a couple of dozen aside for Owen to bring
with him tomorrow. I also aired out the quilt he
chose to bring. It's a scrap four patch of mainly browns,
greens, reds, and golds with alternate blocks of a red and
white print, bound in black. The top was made by his
great-aunt Clara in the 1920's and I quilted it last winter.

Gavin is recovering well from surgery to have his wisdom
teeth extracted. His face is much less swollen and I think
he's becoming tired of being at home, even if he is
being spoiled just a bit. I was surprised how much he
resembled his baby pictures when he had his cute little
chipmunk cheeks. Now, of course, they have beard stubble.
Because John is working a 12-hour day shift tomorrow, Gavin
said he'll go with me to Corvallis with Owen and help him
move in and set up his computer.John will go in the evening
after work so that he and Owen can buy the rest of his
school supples. Owen will come home for at least an
afternoon at the end of the week to finish up his shopping
and packing.

The weather has cooled down quite a bit which means that
Spice, our roaming cat, will want to start spending more
time in the house soon. Sugar goes in and out, in
and out, as if he can't make up his mind what he wants.

I'll be going to the country house later in the week to
finish getting the fruit in the orchard and everything out
of the garden except the pumpkins. We'll also get
another pickup of firewood as it is supposed to get even
cooler by the weekend.

Now is the time to get ready for change.

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