All That I Can't Leave Behind
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2003-01-31 16:55:31 (UTC)

Elvis Presley and America

A little on the origins of U2's "Elvis Presley and America":

During a recording session, Bono walked in as Larry (the
drummer) was playing a tune for "A Sort of Homecoming"
slower than the song actually required. Bono liked it and
started singing, no scripts, no written lyrics, just
whatever came to mind. Someone was recording this, and it
became "Elvis Presley and America".

It can be quite surprising how someone's else's blurs can
take shape and depth in someone else's ears. This is the
case with me and EPAA. I don't know why this song appeals
to me. Yesterday I listened to it a few times, trying to
make sense of the one-liners and to the song in general. It
ws a strange moment: I was also watching TV, and the Olsen
twins were on, and they reminded my of Chris, my ex-
boyfriend. As I was reading the following lines:
"And you know,
Although no one told you to,
And you found out where you were going:
Where to
And you're through with me"
I remembered feeling free at last, coming to Catawba,when
my future became clear for a second: I had made the choice,
noone else, and it wasn't necessarily because of him.
Then the next lines:
"But I know that you'll be back for more... "
And I was angered, because I know that it's not true, I
know that I will never look back.

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