Procrastination is Key
2001-09-18 15:30:58 (UTC)


The reason this is called "Untitled" is beause......I don't
actually have anything to talk about!:-p I just thought it
had been a few days since writing, and since that one was
such a bummer, I should add a little something. I AM GOING
TO FAIL MATH, that is just all there is to it- hey wait a
minute- this topic is not any more upbeat, hmm...... Ok,
obviously I can't just sit down and make myself write, I
must have the inspiration before-hand:-p I could talk about
my weekend- which was absolutely BORING, I haven't seen
Amber in like 4 1/2 days so that is no fun. I did finally
interact with one of my suitemates for more than like a "hey
how are you" type thing, which is cool. (She is in the
dreaded math class with me and homework had to be done:-/)
To combat some boredom this weekend I think that I am going
to go home fri afternoon and come back fri night- b/c I have
NO warm clothes, not even a light jacket. I am thinking
that I might need some long sleeve stuff b/f the first
weekend in Oct. Have to be back sat at noon though for our
first home football game- its against FSU and there is no
way we will win, but it really is SO much fun to go to the
games, it would help if we scored at least a touchdown or
field goal though. Ok- thats enough crap for now- I am going
to rest;-)

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