apfel diary
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2003-01-31 15:21:15 (UTC)

Happy New Year

im quite happy these days. yesterday bonnie and i had a
walk after working.eve chinese new yr, most of ppl
will take a walk and buy some flower and special stuff
there.i bought a cute sheep doll.hehe..and some fake
flowers.cos i love flower.hehe..
and tonite. my family and i went out to have a dinner.the
most happiest thing is i have got a red pocket from dr.
today.hehe.. as i have money,i gave some to my dad. i wont
give it to mom as i always give half of my salary to her. =p
hm..many patients are nice to me.im so happy. u know, they
gave me sweets and chocolate. and many new year food.
hehe..i rather get red pocket.from today on,i having
chinese new yr holiday. i have got 5 days off.yeah...
but i think i would stay at home.cos i dont wanna spend any
money.hehe..also,i dont have many relations here,so that i
dont have to visit relations during this holiday.so free..